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Please visit our new website www.mtmjc.com​
for new updates and castings

Please feel free to contact the owner, Jennifer Durazzo, directly at 919-522-5148 or email her at jenjcraleigh@aol.com 

Please be advised that general MTM Agency questions should be directed to the Agency Director Bridget O'Brien by calling her at the Office 919-677-8300.



800 Casting is software that MTM utilizes for Agency Submittals. 
You MUST be registered with 800 Casting to be submitted for work through MTM Agency.

To Register with 800 Casting:
Please visit the 800 Casting Website immediately.!!!!


Make sure when you sign up that you enter the Agency Code for MTM which is “NC-278”. 
Once you have completed your profile please email Bridget Bridget.o@jcasablancas.com 
to let her know your profile is complete so it may be approved. 
If you are having issues using 800 Casting please do not call the JC Center with questions, 
you must direct those questions to 800 Casting.

Be Advised that if you have issues either creating or maintaining your 800 Casting Profile you 
should first try using the “HELP” Menu. Typically you will get your question answered with that tool.
If you are still unable to accomplish your task you should use the Technical Support under 
the “Contact Us” Tab.

Welcome to MTM