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Please feel free to contact the owner, Jennifer Durazzo, directly at 919-522-5148 or email her at jenjcraleigh@aol.com 

Please be advised that general MTM Agency questions should be directed to the Agency Director Bridget O'Brien 
by calling her at the Office 919-677-8300.

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If you would like to submit photos of your JC or MTM experience e-mail skylar_meyer@aol.com for consideration. 
include your name and a description of the event. 


Congratulations !! ONDRIA Booked the COVER OF VOGUE RUSSIA !!!

Congratulations Cheyenne C on her National Krispy Kreme Print Campaign!

Congratulations Eliz C on the release of her new Single GET LOOSE!!

Congratulations ! Shayla J on her Booking with Oprah Winfrey Series GREENLEAF !!

Congratulations ! Kelly R on her video shoot with SNOOP DOGG !!

Congratulations ! Tonita H was booked for the Feature Film "A Meyer's Christmas"

Congratulations Amanda B who shot the Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine

Congratulations Dillon P booked TV Series FInding Carter !!

Congratulations !!! Jessica L appears in the Smash Hit WAR ROOM !!!

​Congratulations to Beate' Rucker for working on The Containment tv series on CW 

Congratulations to Isiah for being selected for the new Bolden film!!

Congratulations to Jessica for her appearance on the Steve Harvey Show!!

​Congratulations to Britian for being cast on the new Divergent film!
Congratulations to Amanda Chavis for booking work on Emma Stone's new feature film!!!

Congratulations to Ronald for working on feature film "Drumline 2"

Congratulations to William for working on Nicholas Sparks film "The Longest Ride"

Congratulations!! John Casablancas Graduate Amanda on her contract with Elite Miami!!

Congratulations!!! Rebecca Korzelius just worked on the feature film "Chasing Grace!!!"

Congratulations!! Gary Acie just booked the Cinemax Series Banshee
Aquisha Gross was booked for an Axe NASCAR Commercial.

Ondria Hardin can be seen in the new Daisy by Marc Jacobs commercial !!! 


If you would like to attend any of the Workshops below you must call the JC Front Desk 
919-677-8300 to schedule a Reservation 

Saturday May 14th 2-4pm Advanced Audition Procedures - Parents Welcome

Saturday May 14th 4-6pm Reel Prep Workshop

Saturday May 14th 6pm Reel Recording

Wednesday May 18th 6-9pm Andre Boards Runway Workshop - 

Don't miss your chance to work with California runway coach Andre Boards in perfecting your Runway presentation.Spaces are limited so make a reservation Right away. 
*Please note if you are in the Avanti Spring Showcase you cannot attend this Workshop.*

Thursday May 19th 6-8pm Monologue/Commercial Workshop 

Monday May 23rd 6-8pm Personal Image Development Workshop - 
How to perfect your look! Get advice on coloring, hair styling, makeup, dressing for your body type, etc. Don't miss this awesome workshop to learn all you need to know to improve your personal image and presentation for auditions, photo shoots and life in general! Bring examples/ pictures of daily wardrobe and styling so we can give advice.

Saturday May 28th 4-6pm Improv Workshop

Reel Recording:  There is a $50.00 fee to record your reel. Cash is preferred. Everyone needs a reel on 800 casting. Must be practiced and ready to record. Reel recording sigh-up sheets/payment forms are available at the front desk and are required to be submitted at the time of your reel shoot. After shooting your reel takes they will be E-mailed to you to download and post on your 800 casting profile. For information regarding reel recording please contact:
Steve Creel at stevecreelvideo@gmail.com 


​Promotions Workshop: Look at the Promotions page for the date of the next meeting and what you need to do and bring to attend
Please see Promotions Tab above to schedule a Reservation.
800 Casting is software that MTM utilizes for Agency Submittals. 

You MUST be registered with 800 Casting to be submitted for work through MTM Agency.

To Register with 800 Casting:
Please visit the 800 Casting Website immediately.!!!!


Make sure when you sign up that you enter the Agency Code for MTM which is “NC-278”. 
Once you have completed your profile please email Bridget Bridget.o@jcasablancas.com 
to let her know your profile is complete so it may be approved. 
If you are having issues using 800 Casting please do not call the JC Center with questions, 
you must direct those questions to 800 Casting.

Be Advised that if you have issues either creating or maintaining your 800 Casting Profile you 
should first try using the “HELP” Menu. Typically you will get your question answered with that tool.
If you are still unable to accomplish your task you should use the Technical Support under 
the “Contact Us” Tab.


if you would like to keep up with the latest Local and National Auditions

Text "follow JCralauditions" to 40404. 

Please make sure you put a space after the word follow.


Don't miss your chance to work in promotions for clients such as Macys, Wet Seal, Francescas, Dillards, Belks, and many many more! Promotions is paid work and is available most weekends. It is also great experience for your resume! See the promotions tab for more information.

You must be 16 or older to get paid to work in promotions
Casting GOLFERS & More for FOX TV SERIES

Casting Call for 20th Century Fox TV Show-Shots Fired
Location: Charlotte, NC

Dates: Monday, 5.23-Friday, 5.27

Monday 5.23: Golfers, Caddies
Tuesday 5.24: Receptionist, Domestic Staff
Wednesday 5.25: Crew, Execs in Suits, Make Up Artists, Staff
Thursday 5.26: Joggers (must be fit), Elderly Couple
Friday 5.27: Moder Supporters (70% Men); Crew; Moder Staffer; NonDescript BG

Tuesday 5.24: Receptionist, Domestic Staff
Wednesday 5.25: Crew, Staff w/Cars
Friday 5.27: Joey Supporters (70% Men); The Hands; NonDescript BG

Tuesday 5.24: Receptionist, Domestic Staff
Wednesday 5.25: Staff w/Cars
Thursday 5.26: Joggers (must be fit)
Friday 5.27: Moder Staffer; NonDescript BG

Subject Line: Your Age/Gender/Race/ROLE/DATE
(DO NOT send this generic Subject Line)
Subject Line: 35/M/Caucasian/Crew/5.24

Email: shotsfired.mhc@gmail.com
Legal Name on ID:
CELLphone Number:
LOCATION (City/State):
Include Photos of yourself:
Tattoos (please list locations):
Car Make/Model/Year/Color
Include a photo of your car:

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting SEAL TEAM SIX stand In's

SIX: For Monday we need a total of 3 MALE PHOTO-DOUBLES. As a Photo double, you must look very similar (from the side and back) in skin tone, hair style, height, weight, build as our actor. Please see the links of these 3 actors, and let us know if you feel you are a good match as a photo double, if you are available to work with us all day, this coming Monday:

Niyi Oni (6’3) – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4139040/?ref_=tt_cl_t13
Dominic Adams (6’1) – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3089661/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1
Zeeko Zaki (6’5) – http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4976368/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1

Must be local (or able to work as a local) to Wilmington, N.C.
Pay Rate for Photo-Doubles: $150.00 for up to 10 hours; time and a half after 10 hrs.
#1.) Please create a profile A.S.A.P. at www.makescenes.com, using the activation code: seals. If you already have a makescenes.com profile, simply add the new code to be registered for this show: add the code, “seals”, click “add project”, then “save info” (code = seals).
#2). Email us at: sixextras@gmail.com with the heading “Photo Double for Niyi”, “Photo Double for Dominic”, “Photo Double for Zeeko”.
Thank you.

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting Males & Females

Seeking males and females, 18+, all ethnicities with open availability for KILLING REAGAN. Shoots in and around Metro Atlanta.
Tuesday, May 24th
Wednesday, May 25th
Friday, May 27th
Tuesday, May 31st
Wednesday, June 1st
Thursday, June 2nd
YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL DATES! But, you do need to be available for a fitting tomorrow (5.19) or Friday (5.20).
If you are available, then please email Extras@RoseLockeCasting.com
Include 3 pics(head, body and profile) along with your age, ht, wt, sizes, and all contact info.
Example Subject: AVAIL 5.24/ 5.27 / 6.2

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting Police Types & More


Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Monday, May 23rd
Fitting Date: Thursday, May 12th

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Monday, May 23rd
Fitting Date: Thursday, May 12th

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Tuesday, May 24th OR Wednesday, May 25th
Fitting Date: Wednesday, May 18th
Example Subject: POLICE 5.24
Example Subject: POLICE 5.24 OR 5.25

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Tuesday, May 24th
Fitting Date: Thursday, May 12th
Subject: HOTEL

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Tuesday, May 24th
Fitting Date: Thursday, May 12th

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Wednesday, May 25th
Fitting Date: Friday, May 13th
Subject: MEDIA

Men and Women. All ethnicities. Ages 20-50
Must be available for fitting!
Shoot Date: Wednesday, May 25th
Fitting Date: Friday, May 13th

If you fit the description, then please email
Please email 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Include the appropriate subject line.


Please send timestamped selfie, you can do this by simply holding up a piece of paper with today’s date.



Seeking an edgy girl (think little 5 points) with a little geeky side to her

Any Ethnicity / Age 18-40
Rate: 120/8
Date: May 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th (possibly)
June 9th and 10th

Must be available all dates (dates are subject to change)
Need to have flexible schedule incase dates shift!

If you fit the description then please email
Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.
Please list all your sizes in the email!

Do you have beautiful classic car sitting your garage?
Does your neighbor?
Are you ready to dust it off and put it in the movies?
We are seeking cars 1981 and older (1980, 79, 78, 77…)
All colors, makes and models!
Cars must be period correct, so no modern paint colors.
We can get away with certain modern tires.

If you have one of these amazing cars and are ready to take it our for a ride in this beautiful weather, then please email
Include pictures of your car and all your contact info.
Please list the cars year, color, make and model.
Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting for Nicholas Cage Film

Seeking a true 10 for a featured BG role in the Nicolas Cage film shooting right here in Atlanta. We need a Caucasian female blonde or brunette at least 5’8″, age 25-35 to work on Monday. Please send headshots to valsbg2016@gmail.com Put 10 in the subject line.

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting Many Types

EXTRAS! EXTRAS! Background Artists needed! (I am SO sorry that this is NOT paid!) BG (background) will be needed on each day for 4-6 hrs. I need the majority of my BG the following days, and a few on other days between May 21 and May 29. Please share and spread the word to your friends who may be wanting to see what this BG stuff is you do! PLEASE SHARE! THIS SHOOTS IN WILKESBORO AND NORTH WILKES!!! NORTH CAROLINA!
Sat, 05/21 – Need all ages to fill stands at a football game
Mon, 05/23 – need a few customers in grocery & liqour store
Still need a caucasion ‘hooker’
Tues 05/24 – BIG need for 20’s somethings in upscale hotel party scene
Wed 05/25 – ballroom scene – cocktail attire required, 20-50’s
Thurs 05/26 – diner patrons all ages; group of teens; lots of cars!; and funeral patrons including parents of a blonde 40-50’s
Fri 05/27a few extras for around town scene, including a couple kids playing ball
Sun 05/29- ANOTHER big stadium football scene! all ages!
Please submit photos and availability to elbeauextras@gmail.com.
Please share with your friends!
Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting STAND IN's

Long-Term Jobs: FEMALE STAND-INS ($$$)
**Will start End of May and go through End of June/Beginning of July
E Stand-In: Caucasian Female: 5’2 and blonde hair, Ages: 18 to 20’s. Extremely interested in chin-length blondes!
M Stand-In: Mixed Female (Black/White): 5’6 to 5’7 (Actress is 5’6.5). Ages 18 to early 30’s.
Stand-in rate is 140/12 PER day guaranteed, every day you work. Must be available all day every day (M-F) From end of May to Beginning of July – NO EXCEPTIONS!
To apply for this wonderful opportunity, please email 3 pictures, your age, exact height and weight, any known sizes, your phone number, and stand-in, background, crew or doubling experience to Submissions@CatrettCasting.com. Please choose a subject based on what you’re applying for: E Stand-In or M Stand-In

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Casting low budget comedy

Alta Media, LLC: Seeking Actors for “Evenings with Mandeep” in Greenville, SC
“Evenings with Mandeep” is a workplace comedy set in a resort hotel. Shooting will take place between the end of May and the middle of June. This is a low budget project, so pay is film credit and free advertising. Want people who wish to gain experience and/or enhance their resume. We need the following actors:

Mandeep (30-45),Indian-American restaurant manager. Good comedic timing, slight Indian accent.

Sanjay(30-45),Indian-American convenience store clerk. Good comedic timing, slight Indian accent.

Laszlo- (early-mid 20’s),Bartender. Charming, slightly goofy, boy-next-door good looks. Preferably able to do a light Eastern European accent.

Darren(25-40)Bartender. Deadpan delivery. Tall, conventionally attractive.

Anna (25-35)Bartender. Conventionally attractive. Friendly,but feisty.

Lindsey(18-21) College student working as room service attendant. All American girl-next-door looks.

Female customer- again open- Picky, slightly difficult.

Young male customer-(18-21) must look very young

2 Males (25-45) Hotel guests. One must be comfortable wearing underwear on camera.

We greatly appreciate your interest. Please submit inquiries to:
Bonnie at: altamediallc@gmail.com Thank you

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission
Disney Casting KIDS for Lion King Musical

Please email us a link to your video submission with the Young Simba or Young Nala songs and scenes. Please include contact information on your submission. 


Disney Theatrical is casting an immediate Broadway replacement for Young Simba and future replacements for Young Simba and Young Nala on Broadway and the National Tour. Minimum weekly salary is $2,168.22*.

*Payments subject to applicable state laws regarding trust funds for minors

Seeking children ages 9-12, between 50"-58" in height, who can sing, dance, and act to play the African lion cubs Simba and Nala. We encourage children of all backgrounds to submit. No performance experience necessary.

Visit http://disneyonbroadway.com/casting/ and choose "Orlando FL" Auditions and then choose "Children" and select the role you would like to audition for as well as access sides and lyrics.

Please CC: Bridget.o@mtmagency.com on your submission


Welcome to MTM