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Dental Care

Please click here to read about basic dental care and the importance of good oral hygiene (preventing tooth decay and gum disease). 

When to see the dentist

Call your dentist if you have symptoms of a cavity that include:

Pain in the tooth that occurs for no reason or is caused by food, beverages, brushing or flossing

Sensitivity to hot or cold foods or drinks

Get early treatment for gum disease.


Call your dentist if you have symptoms of gum disease that include:

Red or swollen gums

Bleeding in the gums when you brush your teeth

Bad breath

Loose teeth

Dry Mouth/Mouth Wash | Dental Floss | Toothpaste | Toothbrushes | Mouth Sores/Cuts/Ulcers

Dry Mouth

OTC Options for Dental Care:

Dry Mouth and Mouth Washes

1) Biotene Mouth Wash (for dry mouth)

2) Breath Freshener Mouth Wash



1) Dental floss

2) Dental floss picks 



1) Toothpaste with fluoride



1) Regular toothbrush

2) Spin toothbrush

2) Electronic toothbrush


Mouth sore

Mouth sores/cuts/ulcers 

1) Anbesol 

2) Orajel 

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