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Diabetic Must Haves

Did you know? 

More than 100 million Americans are living with diabetes or pre-diabetes according to a 2017 report by the CDC. 

To find out if you are at risk for diabetes and get detailed information about the disease check out The American Diabetes Association


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Diabetic must have items available OTC: 

Testing and Insulin supplies


Low Blood Sugar OTC Treatment Options 


NOTE: If blood sugar is <70mg/dl. follow these instructions

  • Consume 15-20 grams of glucose or simple carbohydrates

  • Recheck your blood glucose after 15 minutes

  • If low blood sugar continues, repeat.

  • Once blood glucose returns to normal, eat a small snack if your next planned meal or snack is more than an hour or two away.

15 grams of simple carbohydrates commonly used:

  1. glucose tablets (follow package instructions)

  2. gel tube (follow package instructions)

  3. Two tablespoons of raisins

  4. 1/2 cup (4 ounces) of juice or regular soda (not diet)

  5. One tablespoon sugar, honey, or corn syrup

  6. One cup (8 ounces) of nonfat or 1% milk

  7. hard candies, jellybeans, or gumdrops (see package to determine how many to consume)

High Blood Sugar Treatment Options

In addition to current treatment plan by your physician, always follow health care providers instruction to lower blood sugar.


Supplements with clinical data to help with Diabetes: 

1) Alpha-Lipoic Acid (may help with diabetic neuropathy)

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