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  • Get a Medication Review: We also offer complete medication reviews (ideal if you are taking 4 or more prescription medications), which can help eliminate or prevent unwanted side effects, decrease medication use or duplicate medications and provide evidence-based cost saving alternatives! (Currently only for NC residents)

  • OTC Products: Here at NC MTM, we give you fast, reliable recommendations on over the counter products with the ability to instantly shop individual products!


  • Ask the Pharmacist: A licensed pharmacist is also available to ask prescription and OTC medication questions! Just submit a question via e-mail.

Here at NC MTM we only use hospital and community pharmacy approved medication resources as well as the most current guidelines for medication therapy management (MTM), OTC recommendations and answering questions.   

This site provides access to fast, accurate and reliable information about over the counter products (or prescription medication questions) and ability to shop products instantly! **Note: The information on this site is not meant to replace any medical advise you have received from your health care provider, but may aid in giving more information and access to their recommendations. You may also use this site to guide you on which products to use for specific indications that over the counter medications can treat and when to seek medical attention.**

Thank you for choosing our services, we appreciate you! 

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