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Welcome to Your Pharmacist!

Here you will find recommendations on Over-The-Counter (OTC) medications for most everything that can be treated with an OTC medication along with helpful information about certain medications, including who should avoid, recommended doses and potential side effects. 


You will also have the ability to ask a licensed pharmacist a question about prescription or OTC medications. 


You can also take advantage of a complete medication analysis (for NC residents only). This service can benefit those taking 4 or more medications, as it can help eliminate or prevent unwanted side effects, decrease duplicate or unnecessary medications and provide evidence-based cost saving alternatives to current medications. 

Create a medication list for your family and physicians.

Find recommendations for your OTC needs from a licensed pharmacist! 

You can either chat or leave a question for an e-mail response. 

Take advantage of getting a complete medication analysis (NC residents only).

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