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The Baby Box

  1. BabyComfy Nasal Aspirator-  This is the best product to use to get mucus out of your baby's nose and sinuses. Best to spray normal saline nasal spray into their nostrils first (so you don't dry them out when you aspirate all the mucus out), then use the aspirator to suck out all of the gunk! Great to use morning and night or as needed. 

  2. Normal Saline Nasal Spray- Use alone or in combination with the nasal aspirator to clear out baby's sinuses. May use as needed. 

  3. Thermometer with flex tip and covers- These thermometers have a flex tip, great for oral, rectal or under the arm with an 8 second read time! Every parent needs a thermometer to check if baby has a fever (rectal is best for babies) For more information click here.

  4. Vaseline- This can be used to lubricate thermometer cover prior to rectal temperature check, for circumcision site, or very dry skin. 

  5. Infant Tylenol- Please follow pediatrician dosing when using for teething pain or fever. Give every 4 to 6 hours with max of 4 doses in 24 hours. 

  6. Concentrated Infant Motrin (for 6 months of age and older)- Please follow dosing chart on bottle when using for teething pain or fever. Give every 6 to 8 hours, max of 4 doses in 24 hours. 

  7. Infant Gas drops- Great for baby with fussiness associated with gas pains.

    • Directions: 0.3mL as needed (max of 12 doses per 24 hours) ​​

  8. Kleenex Ultra Soft- This is a must have when you have a baby, can gently wipe away milk, food, drool and runny noses. 

  9. Diaper Rash Cream- Zinc Oxide- May not need until baby starts eating solids at 4 to 5 months of age, but great to have on hand if a diaper rash suddenly appears! Can apply with each diaper change. 

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